Pan American: A nod to Lindberg, Charlebois, Forestier, the late 60s, and the birthplace of pan pizza


Here is the Pan Pizza that reigns supreme! A Pan Pizza with a spectacularly thick, crispy, and surprisingly light crust, a Pan Pizza baked in a round pan covered with cheese that caramelizes during its time in our conveyor oven. Of course we offer the classics, but also more original pizzas like the “Onion Soup,” which has itself become a staple of our restaurant!
Furthermore, the Pan is a neighborhood snack bar, open for lunch and dinner, where you can stop by for a coffee, have a drink, or to host a special event. In short, we have a light-hearted atmosphere, but we’re serious about getting things done. We love welcoming you as if we were hosting family, and we especially love it when you invite yourselves back!


A graduate of ITHQ and the École hôtelière de Laval, Danny’s training took him to France and into the kitchens of the legendary restaurant Toqué!. His first position as a chef was at the restaurant Derrière les Fagots in Laval. For 5 years, Danny refined his style and established his vision of the culinary arts there. Under his guidance, the restaurant won two national tourism Grand Prix Gold awards in 2003 and 2005.
Next, Danny moved to Sherbrooke to open the restaurant Auguste, a place he called home for 10 years. Thanks to Danny’s media appearances, Auguste attracted crowds from all over Quebec. His rustic yet refined cuisine, filled with classic references, even gave birth to the famous Inverted Poutine!
As a skilled communicator, Danny has been entrusted with hosting various projects on both television and radio. With one foot at Pan American and a hand on the microphone, Danny St Pierre continues to pursue his passions every day.